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Being Healthy Is Lifestyle

Being a fat person myself has made me a stronger person today. I have been ridiculed in school, getting names, and even to the to the point of crying in silence because I did not know what to do not until I reach the age of 30. I made a decision that I need to do something about my weight or else I could end up at a hospital bed soon.

Thus, I did my research and have a consulted with a doctor and personal trainer to ensure that what I am doing is right. Now I am very healthy and never went back to my old life of eating burgers, donuts, drinking soda after soda each day. I must say I have improved my life since then.

Eating Balanced Diet Is The Key

Yes, eating a balanced diet will always be the key. You need to eat the right kind of food, count the number of calorie intake, and be aware what food to eat in moderation and what to avoid. This has been the key as to why I have lost the weight, be able to be as healthy as I am today. Even people who know me, started to recognize that I have lost a few pounds off and start showing some muscles. I also incorporate eating a balanced diet with exercising. This has made me to loose hundred pounds in a span of 5 months.

Pay Off Is Great After Hard Work

After 5 months of hard work pay off started to show. I can see the difference in how I feel before and after I lost the hundred pounds off of my body. I started to breathe regularly. I can now walk for an hour straight without grasping for my breathe. I am able to meet up with my friends, family and colleagues and not feel bad or embarrassed about how I look at.

Overall, I can definitely say I did a great job. With this, I am having this website in order to help other individuals like me who experienced things the way I did before. I want to serve as an inspiration that indeed it is possible to lose the weight, to live a full life, and be able to have a healthy body which one can be proud of.

Take time to browse around my site, hope you have fun and can gain some insights on how to be healthy.

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